AthFest Educates 2021 – 2022 Grantees

We are proud to announce the 2021 – 2022 AthFest Educates grantees. The AthFest Educates Board of Directors is thrilled to be supporting the amazing work these individuals do every day on behalf of the young people of Athens-Clarke County. To date, AthFest Educates has awarded over $532,000 in grants to support high-quality music and arts education.

Music and Arts Programs and Experiences Grants

Grantee: Kimberly Davis from Morton Theatre
Recipient of the John & Patricia Whitehead Grant
Award Amount: $5,000
Summary: All CCSD 8th graders, (approx. 900) will attend the live performance of the play “Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad” staged by the Virginia Repertory Theatre at the Morton Theatre. There will be two shows in February to accommodate all students.

Grantee: Elizabeth Hale from Fowler Drive Elementary
Award Amount: $5,000
Summary: Professional artist, David Hale will host a three-week artist-in-residence program where he works directly with Fowler’s 355 K – 5 students to create a large-scale hallway mural and an outdoor garden installation using found objects and wood brought in by the students. Students will practice creating and painting their own birds before joining David to assist with the painting of the mural.

Grantee: Troy Authement from H.B. Stroud Elementary
Award Amount: $4,618
Summary: 65 fourth grade students will participate in a drawing and mural unit in collaboration with professional artist, Broderick Flanigan using “community” as their theme. Students will design images, symbols, and words that reflect “community” and then apply these markings on an internal hallway and work alongside Flanigan for the final painting.

Grantee: Kitty Meyran, Athens YWCO
Award Amount: $4,040
Summary: In collaboration with Wooten Woopets, 32 3rd grade girls will participate in the week-long Puppetry Arts Project summer camp. The week begins by attending a live performance at the Center for Puppetry Arts. Girls will then spend the rest of the week working with Mary Wooten and her staff to create their own puppets using a variety of materials and methods in inventive ways to make a finished work of art. Girls will learn how to manipulate their puppets and how to create original short skits. The camp will culminate with the girls presenting their puppets and skits to their families and fellow campers.

Grantee: Natalie Smith from HEART Music
Recipient of the Nick & Erin Maulding Grant
Award Amount: $4,000
Summary: 1,060 6th-12th grade Hilsman Middle, Coile Middle, Cedar Shoals High, and Clarke Central High students will receive instrument-specific small group or one-on-one instruction from professional musicians during the school day. Lessons and tutorials will be in-person but can be web-based if schools return to virtual learning.

Grantee: Debbie Watson from Nuci’s Space
Award Amount: $4,000
Summary: 80 fourth and fifth graders from Alps Road Elem., J.J. Harris Elem., and Fowler Drive Elem. will participate in the Mikey Houser Pre-Amped Afterschool Program. The Pre-Amped program was created to reach a more diverse, underserved population of young potential musicians who do not have access to formal musical training and/or resources. Pre-Amped is a 5-week program and is free for students to attend. The program meets two times per week afternoon at each school location and each class is 90 minutes long. The program is offered four times a year.

Grantee: Christine Mallozzi from Books for Keeps
Recipient of the Jittery Joe’s Grant
Award Amount: $2,725
Summary: In this pilot program, music and movement will be used to help 15 kindergarten students from H.B. Stroud Elem. who are not meeting their literacy benchmarks at mid-year. Students will attend ten 45-minute classes where they use music and dance to improve auditory processing and neural development which aids in phonemic awareness. The use of rhyme, rhythm and repetition in music and dance helps build reading fluency and vocabulary which makes it easier for children to make meaning from language.

Music and Arts Non-Consumable Equipment Grants

Grantee: Amanda Price from Clarke Central High School
Award Amount: $4,970.36
Summary: Purchase 9 cameras, memory cards, and camera bags for CCHS’s new Photography I program. 150 students in 9th-12th grade will learn composition and communication through a variety of photographic methods. The digital and single-lens reflex cameras (DSLR) enable students to control shutter speed, focal length, f-stop or aperture opening, and variation in lens type. Note: the program currently has 3 cameras that students share. The additional 9 cameras will allow for 2-3 students per camera instead of 10 students per camera per class.

Grantee: Chris Camp from Winterville Elementary School
Award Amount: $2,100
Summary: Purchase 30 ukuleles with replacement ukulele strings and wall hooks for 200 3rd-5th grade students. The students will use the ukuleles to learn to create rhythm and melody and to compose music.

Grantee: Rosaria Bang from Coile Middle School
Award Amount: $2,000
Summary: Purchase two full-color wireless printers and the accompanying ink to aid 530 6th-8th grade students in their understanding and appreciation of various artist styles. Students will be able to print their own full-color creations for review, discussion, presentation, and display.

Grantee: Jacqueline Shirley from YMCA
Award Amount: $1,955
Summary: Purchase ballet barres, floor markers, portable speakers, velvet curtains, and curtain rods for the YMCA’s afterschool foundational dance course for youth age 5 – 12, which includes ballet instruction and techniques. Equipment will be used during the course as well as during the final culminating performance.

Professional Development Grants

Grantees: G. Shemesh, J. Smith, L. Hodges, E. McClanahan from CCSD Schools
Award Amount: $2,800.
Summary: Four CCSD Elementary music educators will attend the two-week Orff-Schulwerk pedagogy summer certification program in June 2022. The Orff approach focuses on building a child’s musicianship through singing, playing instruments, speech, and movement.