Current Grantees

AthFest Educates 2017 - 2018 Grantees

We are proud to announce the 2017 - 2018 AthFest Educates grantees. The AthFest Educates Board of Directors is thrilled to be supporting the amazing work these individuals do every day on behalf of the young people of Athens-Clarke County

Music and Arts Programs and Experiences Grants

Grantee: Blake Schneider from the UGA Performing Arts

Award Amount: $5,000.00

Summary: 4,450 CCSD 2nd – 8th grade students will attend live performances at the UGA PAC throughout the school year including Japan-based TAO: Drum Heart, the Accordion Virtuosi of Russia, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Russian Folk Instrument Orchestra, The Bumper Jacksons (roots jazz and blues), Sleeping Beauty ballet, and MacMaster and Leahy (fiddle). Each performance includes a teacher study guide and student activities that align with GPS learning standards.

Grantee: Carlin Brownlee from Winterville Elementary

Award Amount: $4,213.75

Summary: In collaboration with the Lyndon House Art Center’s Education Director, 274 2nd – 5th grade students will create their own stop motion films; students will use various drawing and clay sculpting methods to create their characters and stories lines then record their films; students will add narration, text, and music, and edit their films to be presented to their classmates.

Grantee: Didi Dunphy from the Lyndon House Arts Center (LHAC)

Award Amount: $3,970.00

Summary: In collaboration with Community, the downtown business specializing in unique sewn fashion and local sustainable materials, 56 6th – 8th grade students will participate in the afterschool, youth workshop, or summer program, “Wear It!” where students learn to create their own fabric design, cut patterns, and sew their own “wearable art.” LHAC uses the term “wearable art” to imply the work is intended to be accepted as a serious and unique artistic creation or statement and goes beyond simple aesthetic considerations (i.e. Lady Gaga, St. EOM, Nick Cave, etc.).

Grantee: Joshua Podvin from the Experience UGA Program

Award Amount: $2,650.00

Summary: 1,044 third-grade students will experience three unique theater-based components in UGA’s Fine Arts Theatre including: (1) lively interactive theatre games designed to teach the elements of theatre architecture and design, (2) puppetry character exploration that includes a pre-trip activity where students create their own puppet and (3) a live puppet performance by the UGA Children’s Theatre Troupe based on adapted Latin American Folktales. Students will use their own pre-made puppets as be part of the performance.

Grantee: Kitty Meyran from the YWCO

Award Amount: $2,250.00

Summary: In collaboration with Wooten Woopets, 35 third-grade girls will participate in the week-long Puppetry Arts Project summer camp. The week begins by attending a live performance at the Center for Puppetry Arts. Girls will then spend the rest of the week working with Mary Wooten and her staff to create their own puppets using a variety of materials and methods in inventive ways to make a finished work of art. Girls will learn how to manipulate their puppets and how to create original short skits. The camp will culminate with the girls presenting their puppets and skits to their families and fellow campers.

Grantee: Dan Smith from Barnett Shoals Elementary

Recipient of: The Bill Braxton Collins Grant

Award Amount: $1,147.25

Summary: 78 fifth-grade students will work with watercolor painting to develop self-portraits. The students will be guided by professional watercolor artist, Jamie Calkin. While guiding the students, Calkin will create an original piece and the students’ portraits will become the frame of this original work, all of which will be hung in the school as the 5th grade legacy project.

Music and Arts Non-Consumable Equipment Grants

Grantee: Melanie Powers from Whitehead Road Elementary

Award Amount: $4,058.60

Summary: Purchase 21 Remo 100 Series Key-Tuned Tubano Drums to enable 800+ K – 5 students to learn correct hand drumming techniques including correct bass, tone, and slap position, creating and maintaining steady beats, and opening and closing rhythms.

Grantee: Sarah Parido from Burney-Harris-Lyons Middle

Award Amount: $2,454.40

Summary: Purchase 15 Yamaha Student Classic Guitars in ¾ and ½ size, 15 guitar bags, and 3 five-guitar folding stands to meet the needs of the school’s growing Guitar Program, which grew by 40% this year. The grant enables 80 students to not have to share guitars during class time which enables each students to have the maximum amount of guitar instruction during each class. All Guitar Program students perform the musical style of their choice at the “Coffee House” Recital.

Grantee: Laura Marlow from Timothy Road Elementary

Award Amount: $2,037.00

Summary: Purchase Orff instruments including 2 Soprano Glockenspiels, 1 Alto Glockenspiel, 1 Soprano Xylophone, and 2 Alto Xylophones for 545 K – 5 students to learn how to play steady beats and simple borduns/ostinatos together and play contrasting borduns/ostinatos at the same time to accompany songs; this purchase enables students to each have their own instrument during class thus maximizing the impact of class time instead of reduced time while sharing instruments.

Grantee: Sherry Mattox from Cleveland Road Elementary School

Award Amount: $1,021.85

Summary: Purchase 16 ukuleles and 15 Snark tuners in order to make a full class set of ukuleles so 143 3rd – 5th grade students can learn basic chords, strumming patterns, and simple picking and develop their music literacy including treble clef notes and rhythm patterns.

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