Current Grantees

AthFest Educates 2019 - 2020 Grantees

We are proud to announce the 2019 - 2020 AthFest Educates grantees. The AthFest Educates Board of Directors is thrilled to be supporting the amazing work these individuals do every day on behalf of the young people of Athens-Clarke County. To date, AthFest Educates has awarded over $410,000 in grants to support high-quality music and arts education.

Music and Arts Programs and Experiences Grants

Grantee: Blake Schneider from UGA Performing Arts Center (UGA PAC)

Award Amount: $5,000

Summary: 4,000 CCSD K – 8 students will experience professional dance theater,
and musical performances at the UGA PAC including: The Kingdom Choir,
The Curtis Symphony Orchestra, Che Malambo (Argentinian drum troupe), Ailey II
(modern dance), Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Danu (Irish holiday music),
Humans (acrobats), New Owner (puppetry and animation play), and Children of
Metropolis (music and dance with instruments from scrap metal)

Grantee: Sarah Glass from Fowler Drive Elementary

Award Amount: $5,000

Summary: Create an Artist in Residence program with professional artist, David Hale,
where Hale will work with 474 K – 5 students to create a large scale mural in the main hallway
and a garden installation to create an inspirational outdoor space.
Students will work in small groups alongside Hale to create the murals.
Hale, known for his bird imagery, will incorporate images of falcons, which is Fowler’s school mascot.
Fifth grade students will also create their own wood block bird paintings with poetry inspired by the theme “growth.”

Grantee: Didi Dunphy from the Lyndon House Arts Center

Award Amount: $4,266

Summary: 56 6th – 8th grade students will participate in a Media Arts Video & Film Club
where students will develop skills in screen writing, set building, filming, editing, direction and production,
and presenting screenings. The cooperative creative environment also exposes students to careers in the film industry.
Participants have the option to participate in the afterschool program or one of two summer programs.

Grantee: Dan Smith from the CCSD District Office

Recipient of the Huang Torres Grant

Award Amount: $4,000

Summary: Musicians Kishi Bashi and Mariah Parker (aka Lingua Franca) will collaborate
and perform two back-to-back 45-minute presentations at eight CCSD elementary and middle schools.
In total, 4,340 students will experience classical music, hip hop, looping techniques, verbal and
instrumental improvisation, and spoken word and how these elements create empowerment and creativity. At each
performance, some students will be invited on stage to experiment with the equipment and participate in dance,
call-and-response, rapping, and beatboxing. These performances allow students to participate in musical performances
they typically occur at night or at venues that don’t allow younger audiences.

Grantee: Elizabeth Bush from Barnett Shoals Elementary

Award Amount: $1,236

Summary: 81 5th grade students will collaborate with professional artist, Paula Reynaldi,
to create a sculpture as the 5th grade legacy project. The sculpture will focus on using non-conventional materials
and repeating patterns in nature. Students will create mini-sculptures that will be combined with
Reynaldi’s piece to make one final sculpture.

Grantee: Kristin Beasley from Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary

Recipient of the Nick and Erin Maulding Grant

Award Amount: $538

Summary: 572 K – 5 students will experience The Atlanta Opera’s English adaptation of Hansel and Gretel performed
at the school’s “cafetorium.” Students will be able to interact with the performers after the opera. The performance
includes an Educator’s Guide so teachers can extend the learning experience before and after the opera.

Music and Arts Non-Consumable Equipment Grants

Grantee: Evan Michael Bush from the Athens-Clarke County Library

Award Amount: $5,000

Summary: Purchase instruments so 40 K – 2 students can participate in an 8-week early elementary music
education class.The library will divide the students into two groups of 20 students to provide focused music lessons
and music lessons and instruments that youth from lower socio-economic families often are not able to access.
All of the grant award will be used to purchase instruments so the library can
continue to offer this program year-after-year. At the completion of
the program, students will be “…tuneful, beautiful, and artful.”

Grantee: Tracy Vandiver from Barnett Shoals Elementary

Award Amount: $4,800

Summary: Purchase chimes so 200 K – 2 students, especially students with special needs and in special education
programs will have an interactive, musical area in the younger children’s playground that engages their sensory skills
and encourages inclusive play spaces and play opportunities for children who may not be able to
access all playground equipment. The musical instruments create a play area where all students can interact and have positive conversations.

Grantee: Troy Authement from Stroud Elementary

Award Amount: $1,750

Summary: Purchase digital cameras, lens, and software so 315 1st – 5th grade students will have an expanded
photography program that provides a wider range of artistic control and options.

Grantee: Samantha George from Burney-Harris-Lyons Middle

Award Amount: $1,532

Summary: Purchase three rolling, steel wire racks with 100 stationary shelves to house and protect the art work of 300
6th – 8th grade students in general art classes during their painting units and students in advanced painting classes
as they create work that merits public exhibition.

Grantee: Heather Garland from Hilsman Middle

Award Amount: $751

Summary: Purchase six drying racks to accommodate the art work of 130 6th – 8th grade students.
The racks will reduce the amount of class time wasted on storing and locating their art work each class period
and enables students to take great pride and care in their work.

Grantee: Sara Parrish from Fowler Drive Elementary

Recipient of the Nick and Erin Maulding Grant

Award Amount: $647

Summary: Purchase eight mini keyboards, power adapters, headphones, and music stands to create a piano lab so 278
2nd – 5th grade students can learn the basics of piano playing during the school day. The music teacher will also host
an after school piano club for a small group of students to receive individualized lessons.

Grantee: Laurie Camp from Hilsman Middle

Recipient of the Nick and Erin Maulding Grant

Award Amount: $520

Summary: Purchase an iPad to film the practice sessions of students playing in the individual practice rooms so
the students and the band director can review the sessions and conduct performance evaluations
to help students improve their tone, playing position,
posture, breathing techniques, articulation, and percussion technique.

Music and Arts Professional Development Grants

Grantee: Alison Farley Raffle from the UGA Music Education program

Award Amount: $4,850

Summary: 14 CCSD elementary school and 8 CCSD middle school music educators will participate in
professional development workshops focusing on culturally responsive music pedagogy, specifically in
teaching students of diverse backgrounds and internationally how to enhance music classrooms
to reflect these backgrounds. The workshops will be led by two internationally
recognized scholars in this field from St.Thomas University and the University of Michigan.

Grantee: Galit Shemesh from J.J. Harris Elementary

Award Amount: $700

Summary: Complete the Level 1 Orff Certification training which will benefit approximately 400 K – 5 students.

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